About Haigh Pettican


Our aim is to be first choice supplier for all mainline pipeline fabrication, welding and installations throughout the UK Gas and Oil industries.

History and People

HPL was founded by Mark Pettican and Martin Haigh in 2005 to deliver advance technology solutions. Both directors have extensive experience in the pipeline sector of the gas and oil industry.


Martin Haigh - Managing Director

Martin Haigh is a Chartered Engineer with an extensive knowledge, specialising in Pipeline Construction Management.

Since 1986 he has provided his operational and project management skills to numerous leading pipeline construction and specialist crossing companies.

During this period Martin has provided Project Management, Operational Management and Engineering on numerous Cross Country Pipelines, Outfalls, River/Estuary Crossings, (trenchless and open cut) and Special Sections.

He has worked in Europe, Asia, S. America, Russia and Africa. Mark and Martin have previously worked on numerous prestigious projects together and in 2005 formed HPL.

e.mail martin@hpltd.co.uk

Mark Pettican - Construction Director

Mark has more than 25 years in the pipeline industry. During this period he has worked in all aspects of the industry starting as an apprentice welder and passing his 1st test on cross country pipelines at the age of 18. As Mark progressed, he worked his way through all aspects of pipeline construction. Starting as a Foreman, he then moved to Construction Management and finally Project Management.

His involvement within the pipeline industry was also complimented by his wealth of experience in station construction. In 2002 he founded P M Associates UK Ltd, which undertook numerous specialist oil and gas projects utilizing its automatic and semi-automatic welding systems. PM Associates ceased trading in September 2005.

On the cessation of PM Associates Mark together with Martin Haigh formed the new company, Haigh Pettican Ltd which has retained all the equipment and personnel from the former PM Associates.